A true independent film production based in Osaka



A true independent film production based in Osaka

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Projects in Development


Awaremi directed by Daisuke Miyazaki                             Japan – Philippines

Logline: A journalist who comes back to Japan after being captured by terrorists decides to spend peaceful time with his family, but his elementary school son gets killed by his classmate.

Genre: human drama, thriller

Language: Japanese, Tagalog



Toki directed by Marina Tsukada                                                      Japan

Logline: As an ordinary junior high school girl grows up over next 10 years surrounded by her friends and family, she experiences love, relationship, work, and death and learns that life is beautiful.

Genre: coming of age

Language: Japanese



After Autumn directed by Sheron Dayoc                                       Philippines – Japan – Luxembourg

Logline: 2044. Suicide rate in Japan has multiplied. Japanese widower Makoto lives in isolation after the death of his wife. His daily life has been reduced to take care of a plant. Everything changes when Filipino Laila appears to his doorstep. Happy microchip user Laila alters the way Makoto lives, leading him to confront secrets he's been avoiding.

Genre: arthouse sci-fi drama

Language: Japanese, Tagalog



Quantum Suicide directed by Mikhail Red                                    Philippines - Japan

Logline: A university student working as a drug courier in Tokyo discovers a mysterious pill that allows him to escape his own reality by jumping to parallel universes.

Genre: sci-fi action thriller

Language: English

We are looking for investors for all the projects. Please contact producer Taro Imai at <harakirifilms2014@gmail.com> if you’d like to know more about the projects.



Harakiri Films is a group of young filmmakers in Osaka. It was founded in 2014 by 3 screenwriters in order to reincarnate the filmmaking scene in Osaka.

For Harakiri Films, development of good stories (entrance) and online distribution (exit) for feature films are 2 important keys as we are storytellers to deliver good stories to our audience. By paying attention to the entrance and the exit, we want to continue making profitable low budget films in Osaka. As the name of Harakiri Films resembles, we are committed filmmakers.

We believe in that screenwriting, acting, and directing are 3 fundamental factors in filmmaking. For commercial films, famous actors and adapted scripts from popular novels or cartoons are more important, but we want to make filmmaking very simple like Zen. Harakiri Films makes high quality low budget films by simply focusing on those 3 fundamental factors.

harakiri films
1-9-34-303 Itachibori, Nishi Ku
Osaka City, Osaka 550-0012

twitter @harakirifilms

We plan, produce, and distribute feature films.


Team Members
producer: Taro Imai
screenwriter: Kazuo Nagai
cinematographer: Kenta Kobayashi


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