I went to help the art department of Naomi Kawase's new film the other day in Nara.

Setsuko Shiokawa who was the art director of my film, Eriko, Pretended is now working for Kawase. That's why I had a chance to work for Kawase's film a little bit.

We went to decorate 3 apartments in Nara where main characters live and 1 apartment in Osaka where the main character works. All the apartments were empty, so we went to recycle shops and furniture shops to rent or buy the furnitures.

That was a tough work, but I'm excited to see what we prepared in the film.

The interesting thing is; she let the actors live in the apartments for a week before the shooting starts. I'm not sure what her real intention is, but this method is very interesting. It is also interesting that big movie stars start living in normal apartments suddenly. It is like Tom Cruise moving into your next door.

Especially, one of the apartments is very old and dirty, and one of the most popular actors in Japan will live there for a week...


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