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Shron Dayoc Goes to Japan

I spent most of the time from the end of December till early January with the number one Filipino director, Sheron Dayoc. Actually, all my Filipino friend directors are number one directors from Philippines, so he is just on of them, hahaha... He came to Osaka to make a research for his new narrative feature film project. Yes, we are making a film together in Japan hopefully next year!

Sheron's journey in Japan was very interesting for me too. From Dec 31 till Jan 9, we interviewed 6 Filipino caregivers or hostesses in Osaka and in Tokyo. When Sheron just arrived at Osaka, we didn't know where we could find those Filipinos to interview. So we went to some Filipino pubs, Filipino restaurant called Bamboo, and Catholic Tamatsukuri Church where many Filipinos gather. They helped us a lot introducing us the caregivers and giving us the information. The church was very interesting for me as you can see the picture below...

The most interesting interview was a transgender woman who came to Japan as a dancer 30 years ago, worked for many places in Japan, worked as a caregiver for a while, and is now again a hostess. Her personal story, her relationship with her family in Philippines, and her experience in Japan were very touching as she went through so many things. Also, I realized that there were so many things I didn't know about immigrants in Japan.

We visited a hospital for the elderly and a home for the elderly where Filipino caregivers are working. I had mixed feelings about the elder people there, their family, Japanese caregivers, and Filipino caregivers. I can't write about this issue so short here as it is very complicated matter, but that is the real issue we are facing in Japan.

The issue is so complicated and so deep. That's why we want to make a film about a story of Filipino caregiver working in home for elderly in Japan! Thank you for all the people we interviewed in Osaka and in Tokyo and all those helped us!

Japan Korea Co-Production

On October 5, we started shooting Japan Korea co-production independent film called Under the Same Sky in Osaka. This is a story of a Korean guy who comes to Osaka and follows his dream of becoming a musician.

The director is Korean, the main actor is Korean, and the camera crew is Korean, but all other actors and staffs are Japanese. Most of the scenes will be shot in Osaka, and most of the dialogues are in Japanese. 

This is real Japan Korea collaboration. We are somehow communicating each other in Japanese and Korean.

Haruna Hori and Gang-Du

Haruna Hori and Gang-Du

 Last month, my friend Jang Kunjae who has directed a film in Nara asked me to help his friend Baek Jaeho as he was going to direct a film in Osaka. Then I'm working with Koreans now.

The main actor is Gang-Du who is a former member of rock band The Jadu. Ji Dae-Han from Old Boy acts an important role too.

From Japan, Haruna Hori plays a zoo worker, and Nagiko Tsuji plays a factory worker.



Korean and Japanese film crew working together. 

Korean and Japanese film crew working together. 

The story is about friendship of Korean and Japanese musicians, but the film production process itself is friendship between Korean and Japanese filmmakers. 

We are hoping this film to be screened at Osaka Asian Film Festival and at Busan International Film Festival next year. We are shooting the film until Oct 28, so please let me know if you are interested in this film. 

We are going to hold live music events with the film cast together with the film screening too. Then we will produce another film with the same concept of Korea Japan friendship next year. 

We are gonna start crowdfunding soon too, so keep updated! 


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